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Conflicts with repository

It may happen that your code no longer is latest version. Therefore you need to get latest code from repository, but if you do so, the changes you made will be lost.
Therefore this is the steps needs to be done to remove the conflicts.

1. Try to commit your code
2. Eclipse will tell that your code is not latest from repository
3. Click the Synchronize SVN button
4. The files you wanted to commit become red
5. Open one of the files, look at the right corner of the compare window
6. If the little square there is blue(or looks like black) then you can proceed with automatic merger. it’s called “Copy All Non-Conflicting Changes from right to left”
7. Then right click on the file and “Mark as Merged”
8. The file is ready to be committed.

Note, if the square on the right top corner is red, you should do manual merge.

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